Young Dancer’s Company


Our Young Dancers Company perform at competitions and local events, and is a fantastic opportunity to further engage in dance training. The Company is designed for students who have shown dedication, improvement and hard work, as well as having the skill set to take part in these often high-intensity performance situations. Entry is by audition as there will be limited places on offer. This year, YDC and JDC are sponsored by Bayside Car and Garden Care and Bayside Basement Community Projects.


Due to the large influx of interest in YDC for 2018, we have created an opportunity for dancers to participate in a Junior Dancers Company (JDC). 


Being a member of the YDC/JDC will require additional commitment on behalf of both the dancer and their parents, and as such I suggest you read the following information carefully prior to auditioning. Please read the full list of requirements here before submitting your audition registration. 


When: Friday 17 November

Dancers aged 11 (at 1/01/2018) and under 4.30pm-6.00pm

Dancers aged 12 and over (at 1/01/2018) 6.00pm-7.30pm

(arrive 15-30mins early in order to warm up and register)


Where: Bayside Dance Studios, 2/264 Tingal Rd Wynnum

Wear: Neat dance attire such as leotard, bike shorts and tights (nothing too baggy please). Hair should be neat

Bring: Jazz shoes and contemporary footwear/socks

The audition consists of learning a short contemporary routine and jazz routine.  Parents are not permitted to watch auditions and our CCTV will not be operating during the auditions. Parents should feel free to drop off their dancer and return in time to collect them at the end of the auditions.

Please note: While we want the dancers to prepare for and approach this audition in a serious way, we will still stay true to our Bayside Dance philosophy of encouragement and enjoyment (in other words, this is not meant to be a stressful experience so please ensure your child, and you, are not stressed!)


We expect to notify dancers of their success in the audition process on or before 17 December 2017.



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The 2018 Junior and Young Dancers Companies are proudly supported by


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