Pre-School Dance

Pre-School DanceWatch your child take their first tippy-toe steps into a life-long love of dance!

Our preschool dance classes are carefully designed to provide your child with a fun-filled half hour of learning through physical movement and creative play. A year-long program will see your child’s coordination improve and imagination take flight through carefully constructed lessons guided by caring and considerate teachers who just love seeing our littlest ballerinas take delight in dance. Dancers can join us from 2 years of age. 

Our Timetable and Fees

We have a range of classes available to preschool dancers depending on their age and interest.  

Itty Bitty Ballet

For our littlest dancers aged 2 years. A gentle introduction to basic dance steps used across a range of dance styles, using lots of imagination, familiar music and exciting props and games. 

Teeny Tiny Tots

For dancers aged 3 and/or heading to prep in 2020. This ballet-inspired class focuses on fine and gross motor development in a fun and imaginative way, sure to have your little one twirling with delight!

Tiny Tots

For dancers aged 4 and/or heading to prep in 2019. Dancers learn basic dance techniques from ballet and a range of other styles all while having a ball! Tiny Tots is the perfect preparation for a life-long love of dance. 

Tiny Tumbling

Develop strength, flexibility and gross motor skills in our Tiny Tumbling class! Similar to gymnastics, participants learn basic tumbling like forward rolls, as well as having tonnes of fun! For dancers aged 4 and/or heading to Prep in 2019. 

Mini Musical Theatre

If your little one loves to sing and dance, they’ll love our Mini Musical Theatre class! Participants learn songs and play musical games, as well as learning choreography and basic dance steps. For 3-5 year olds. 

Mini Pop

This hip hop-inspired class will have your little one grooving and moving. Dancers will love this engaging and energetic class that will see them learning cool moves and gettin’ down! We have Mini Pop classes for both 3 and 4 year olds. 

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