Dance Classes

Bayside Dance fosters a love of dance through strong technical training in a supportive, fun and nurturing environment.

Children’s ballet, jazz and tap classes are based on the Southern Federation of Dance Syllabus. You can find out more about SFD here

Pre-School Program

A wonderful introduction to dance for 2-4 year olds. Learn basic steps to develop musicality, balance, imagination and motor skills, all while having lots of fun!


The art form of ballet pays respect to hundreds of years of tradition. In class, students learn exercises and dances to classical music, working at the barre and in the centre and using traditional French terminology. As the students progress through the syllabus, exercises become more advanced, progressing to pointe work from Pre-Elementary through to Advanced. From Grade 2 onwards, it is recommended that students take two ballet classes per week to maintain technique.


Jazz is a fun, energetic dance style set to popular music. Students engage in stretching and a full body warm up before working on exercises such as isolations, footwork, travelling steps and turns. As the students progress through the syllabus, exercises become more advanced. Jazz forms a technical basis for other dance styles that have evolved such as musical theatre and hip hop.


If you like making noise, you’ll love tap! Wearing shoes with metal taps, students make sounds using different parts of the foot. Different rhythms are explored and performed to popular music. As the students progress through the syllabus, exercises become more advanced. Tap is a lot of fun for kids and adults alike.


Contemporary dance is based on techniques developed by choreographers such as Martha Graham and Merce Cunningham. Students perform a range of movements, from controlled and isolated through to free and expressive, with a focus on correct postural alignment of the body. Students are encouraged to improvise and engage in partnerwork, enabling self expression. Stretching and strength exercises make this class a great work out!

Hip Hop

If you love jumping around the living room to pop music, you will love hip hop! Hip hop has a relaxed style but uses lots of energy. Class starts with a full body warm up and will finish with learning a fun and energetic routine to a popular song. 


Dance With Your Heart And Your Body Will Follow